Urban PowerFit Services

It’s lack of faith and confidence that makes people afraid of meeting challenges – one day, one effort, one success at a time – anyone and everyone can reach their goals with a focused and deliberate effort”

“Age is not a Barrier & Drug Free Performance”

  • Motivational Coaching and Public Speaking
  • Athletic Performance Enhancement
  • Personal Coaching – Training
  • Charity Appearances
  • Marketing & Business Development Consulting

Walter uses stories from his own life, both in and out of sports-leadership, management, and business experiences, to bring the qualities of learning to life. His knowledge and vision of inspiring success, despite the barriers… regardless of risk… comes to life on the platform.

With wisdom and clarity Walter empowers others to be more productive and live more rewarding, active lives. His vision, execution and tenacity are the keys to his success.

His success as a world class amateur athlete and business owner, enable Walter to train with precision on organizational development, management and leadership development on all levels.

Audiences are guaranteed to leave feeling inspired to succeed. With candor and delivery Walter’s challenges audiences to achieve what they think that can’t. To produce above what they have and to go beyond the ordinary Walter can guide and inspire you or your team to greatness! Book Walter today to see your team come together and accomplish your goal, they will move from potential to production!