In 2021 Walter Urban will attempt to set a new one minute Guinness World Record Powerlifting record. Venue and location to be determined. For more information on opportunities, please contact us at


Walter’s Passion is Drug Free Sport and Age is not a Barrier – this offers multiple opportunities to sponsor companies – no gimmicks just hard work!


This very unique multi channeled marketing/advertising opportunity provides:

  1. Record attempt TV exposure
  2. Pre and post radio/print interviews
  3. 6 to 8 multi-stop follow up demonstration tour
  4. Non-profit charity work promoting drug free athletic performance
  5. Non-profit charity work promoting fitness and healthy lifestyle at any age (employees, clients, dealers, etc)
  6. Demonstrations at trade show, conferences, corporate retreats or consumer events
  7. Various other grass roots opportunities
  8. Use of “Age is not a Barrier” for promotion or advertising



As in the past, the effort to break weightlifting world records is to bring attention to the fact “Age is not a Barrier” and adults can continue to remain healthy and get stronger longer than even before, well into their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and to stress the fact that “steroids are not necessary” to reach new heights in athletic performance – it’s about “training as a Total Athlete”!  The goal is to raise the awareness and success of “drug free” performance among young amateur athletes throughout North America.


The Cause 

Child obesity, rampant steroid use, unhealthy adult lifestyles, etc. are not the only headlines people need to read! Anyone can be strong and healthy, young or old…it’s a matter of knowledge, a plan, expert medical and mental support and lots of hard work!


People are tired of reading headlines regarding performance enhancing drugs………….baby boomers to fitness enthusiasts and teen athletes to elite pro athletes at any age react to this story with excitement, interest and motivation!